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Puget Sound Transportation Projects

South Lake Union Streetcar

Map of current South Lake Union Streetcar line

This project, completed in 2007, runs a streetcar line from downtown near Westlake Center to South Lake Union. The main purpose for this is to connect downtown, and a major transit hub (with connections to the Seattle Monorail and Seattle/Central Link Light Rail) to an area being redeveloped as a major biotech center.

The line uses the same car technology as the Portland Streetcar and Tacoma Link. The route has 11 stops and covers from downtown to South Lake Union, passing a new park and the Denny Triangle.

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This line should help connect an important transportation hub with a new growing area. The area now currently has ZymoGenetics and Fred Hutchinson, a major cancer research center, plus some very nice restaurants and hotels. The area is slated to add many more biotech firms in the next few years. Having this as a transportation option will help traffic issues and help the area grow. It also may be used as as starter line to connect with other neighborhoods in the city.

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  • Possible extensions (UW, other?)

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