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Puget Sound Transportation Projects

Convention Center/ S. 15th

Station Art Features:

Artwork at this station reflects a former Buddhist temple in the area. Note the towers of rock. Colored panels in the station canopies reflect Tacoma's place in the glass art world.

Station Design:

Double-tracked. Platforms on either side of the street.


Area Links:

  1. Tacoma Convention Center
  2. Mariott Courtyard Hotel (incorporating the Waddell Building)
  3. Pacific Steps
  4. Sheraton Hotel
  5. DaVita (former Schoenfelds) More: Peter Sandberg Building
  6. 1501 Pacific

Ben's Thoughts

This station, due to all the construction in the area, sees little ridership now. However, the day I took these pictures several people were getting on or off of the train here. When the Convention Center is finished this station should see lots of ridership, especially if the extension to the Puyallup Indian casino is built. Convention goers could ride to the casino or stay at the casino's hotels. Even without this extension, conventioneers and hotel guests can use Link to go either to the museums at Union Station or to the theaters at the Theater District, as well as go to the shops and restaurants at the Tacoma Dome Station. I would fully expect heavy ridership from this station in the future.

Stone tower at Convention Center station

Stone tower, Convention Center Station

Image: area map

Map of Convention Center Area (click to enlarge)


This area of Tacoma was kind of the "bad part" of town, although the architecture of the buildings suggest that it was pretty nice at one time. Where the Pacific Steps is being built had been a bunch of decaying old buildings. Most of these buildings were torn down in the 1980's, except for a couple (one being the Waddell Building) that are being preserved currently. The area in front of the Convention enter had been know for drug and other problems; among other things it held several homeless shelters. The changes in this area have made it FAR more attractive, and when the hotel and Convention Center are complete this should be a vibrant area.

Across Pacific stands the Peter Sandberg Building, the former home of Schoenfelds, a large furniture store. I have memories of going there with my parents in my younger days, and it being floors and floors of furniture on display. In the late 90's it was converted for use by Total Renal Care, now DaVita. The building next door is being used by the Tacoma Technology Center. All of these buildings have been extensively restored in recent years.

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